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West Coast Blinds Ltd are "THE EXCLUSIVE SUPPLIER" of S-Craft Shutters, in Cumbria and South West Scotland. We have used these shutters exclusively for since 2006, we know the product well and have served our time in Shutters. This Shutter has evolved into the most versatile shutter on the market, with a huge range of Frames, Accessories and Construction Materials, we can install shutters in nearly every different Window Style, with fabulous results, this shutter is the shutter for the discerning home owner. 



Experience is crucial when it comes to design, the correct product is vital when installing shutters, as this is a long term investment in your home and the way you'll use the room. Our advisors are fully trained, experienced and are constantly updating their Knowledge of our suppliers products. Our Standard Shutters come in a range of Engineered Wood (Antigua), ABS / MDF Mix (Bermuda), Hard Wood (Figi), Full Water Resistant ABS (Java) & Aluminium Security Shutters called (Porchester).



Tracked Shutters are employed when the openings are larger than normal. You can have "Multiple Folding Doors" or "Combination Sliding Doors" up to a Maximum of 11mtrs, however there are combinations that we can use, to expand on that limit even further. We upgraded to a New Track System in 2020, making our Stainless Steel and Bearing Tracks the most robust on the market, whilst making it the most discreet single section top track available.



Our Surveyors are skilled when it comes to Shapes, we've experienced them all, once we have your order, we send a fully qualified Surveyor to measure, make templates and go through the completed design again with you, when they will offer small snippets of advice, that only they can do, from years of installation experience. Shaped Shutters can be Gothic Arches, Semi-Circular Arches, Flat Arches, Triangular, Gable Ended and Round.

Your Safe in our hands, because we've done them all, we'll have samples or photos of every occasion.



We supply and install S-Craft Products Manufactured From MDF/ABS Mix, ABS, Premium Wood and Sourced Managed Timber, these products can be manufactured to your specifications into Standard Shutters, Tracked, Shaped, Tear on Tear, Fixed and Solid Shutters. We now supply the long awaited "Aluminium Porchester Shutter" great for that vulnerable area of the house, without compromising the look of the windows with traditional security shutters.

Plantation Shutters: Specialist
Plantation Shutters: Porchester


Intruder resistant aluminium security shutters are specially designed to give you complete peace of mind while blending beautifully with your chosen space. The Portchester security shutter gives you unparalleled home protection without comprising on style.

Manufactured in South Africa, a world-leader in home security solutions, our CE certified aluminium shutters are robust, durable and incredibly hard wearing. Shutters are powder coated for a smooth and long-lasting, anti-corrosion finish. For your added assurance, Portchester comes complete with up to a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Round Shaped Shutter


Sometimes, it takes is an experienced touch to make the difference, especially when it comes to Plantation Shutters. You can go Traditional or Modern Contemporary, we are the single most experienced company to trust with your installation.

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